environmental pollution display


We offer you the Latest & Currently In Focus Environmental Parameter Display Board For Indoor & Outdoor Both.

The Environment Statistics Display is used by various industries to display critical emission parameters. It can be integrated with instruments and panels. The Environment Statistics Display improves the overall awareness and transparency.

The Environment Statistics Display can be custom designed and integrated to meet the unique requirement of every individual customer. It is provided with user friendly supporting software.

Technical Illustration

environmental pollution display



-Indoor/Outdoor Application: Outdoor Application

-Cabinet Size : 200x136cm

-Display Pixel :192x128pixel

-Pixel Pitch : 10mm

-Visibility: 30 to 40meter


-Easy To Monitor The AQI

-Available In Customized Size

-Use For Outdoor & Indoor

-Visible In Day Light .

-Text Can Be Displayed In Scrolling & Static Both The Formats

-Supports Multiple Fonts & Languages