somic zf components pvt. ltd.

somic zf components pvt. ltd.

Existing System

Somic ZF Components Pvt. Ltd. (SZFCPL) is a leading Automobile Parts Manufacturer company in India.It is supported by Global Partners Somic Ishikawa Inc, Japan & ZFFriedrichshafen AG, Germany as Joint venture for our Innovative technology andDesign. Somic ZF Components Ltd was setup in Year 1995 and has been growingever since then. They have two world-class Manufacturing facilities at Gurgaonand Chennai.

SZFCPL wantedan robust solution to fetch their inventory statistics from their otherinstalled applications and display them visually. This visual indication wouldhelp maintain minimum stock level for continuity of business.

Our Solution

Compucare with itsexpertise was able to rise up to the challenge of SZFCPL byproviding customized Solution. This custom solution consists of variouscomponents such as LED display board and Software. The two LED Message DisplayBoards is single sided with Bi Color (RG) LED display with 3.75 mm pixel pitch,SMD modules housed in light weight durable metal structure. The display boardsare clearly visible from an optimum distance of 10 meters and is designed tosuit the outdoor conditions.


Thusby providing the custom solution with LED Display Boards to SZPCPL andautomating visual indication of inventory statistics has helped achieve minimumstock level for continuity of business.