musashi auto parts india private limited

musashi auto parts india private limited

Existing System

MusashiAuto Parts (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MAP-ID). MAP-ID is a 100% owned subsidiary ofMusashi Seimitsu Industries, Japan. MAP-ID proudly produce Transmission systemfor 2 wheelers segment. MAP-ID completely processes from raw materials to finalproduct assembly and lots of hard work went into the successful creation of asystem in which all processing can be accomplished at a single location- asystem whose accuracy can be measured in microns.

MAP-ID wanted totranslate the real time production statistics into visual indication. Thiswould achieve timely target and boost the moral of the employees.

Our Solution

Compucare withits expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of MAP-ID by providingcustomized LED Display Board. The custom size enables MAP-ID topopulate as much data of the ongoing production on a single screen. There arein total 35 LED Display Boards for the production bays. The LED Display Boardsare 7 segment, single sided with RED colour LED display, the display is clearlyvisible from long distance and is designed to suit their factory conditions.

How Production Statistics Display is achieved?

 The LED Display Boards is mount acrossthe various production bays

 The LED Display Boards visuallyindicate the following statistics data




The value of the Target of the LED Display Board is manuallyset using the remote control device

The value of the Actual is acquiredfrom the PLC relay output connected to the embedded controller of the LEDDisplay Board

The value of the Actual count isincremented based on the output from the connected PLC relay

The value of Gap shows the differencebetween the Target and the Actual


Thus by providing the custom LED Display Boards to MAP-ID and automating the visual indication of production statistics would help achieve timely production target and boost the moral of the employees.