mahindra cie

mahindra cie

Existing System

Mahindra CIE is amulti-technology automotive components supplier listed on the stock exchangesin Mumbai. They have an alliance between the CIE group which holds the majoritystake and the Mahindra group which also has a significant stake.

Tomaintain the company production target and constantly motivate its employees, Mahindra CIE wanted to translate the performance target into real-timevisual indication at the end of each productionline. Actual visual indication of production and performance target will helpmotivate the employees and on achieving the target will boost theirmorale and confidence level.

Our Solution

Compucarewith its expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of Mahindra CIE by providing Production Monitoring System. The ProductionMonitoring System consists of Controller, Smart Electronic Display. Thesupplied Smart Electronic Displays is single sided with bright RED Colour LEDdisplay, the display boards are clearly visible up to a distance of 10 metersand are designed to suit their factory condition.

How Production Monitoring System is achieved?


The Controller Unit is installed

The machine output from the production line is directly fedto the controller relay

The Smart Electronic Display is installed in the productionarea

The Controller receives the signal and communicates with thesoftware server via  TCP/IP line

The data is populated in the Production Monitoring Softwareserver from the Controller

The Smart Electronic Display software is also installed inthe software server

The data from the Production Monitoring Software is fetchedand populated in the Smart Electronic Display software

The populated data is then transmitted via TCP/IP to theSmart Electronic Displays placed in the production area

• The data for Smart Electronic Display is refreshed atregular intervals


Theinstallation of the Production Monitoring System has provided the real timedynamic visual indication of production and performance target. This has alsoincreased the motivation of the employees and also has instilled confidence intheir ability to achieve the timely company target.