endurance technologies

endurance technologies

Existing System

Endurance Technologies is one of India's leading automotive component manufacturing companies. Anurang Engineering Company Private Limited which merged into their company in 2006, commenced manufacturing of aluminium castings in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India in FY 1986. Over time, it has grown organically in India and diversified its capabilities by introducing suspension products, transmission products and brake systems. Starting with two aluminium casting machines in FY1986, Endurance Technologies has grown to operate 18 plants in India and 7 plants in Europe. Today Endurance Technologies is the largest aluminium die casting manufacturer* in India and one of the leading automotive component manufacturers in aluminium die casting (including alloy wheels), suspension, transmission and brake systems.

Endurance Technologies counted the production manually at the end of each shift.

Our Solution

To maintain the company production target and constantly motivate its employees, Endurance Technologies wanted to translate the performance target into real-time visual indication at the end of each production line. Actual visual indication of production and performance target will help motivate the employees and on achieving the target will boost their morale and confidence level.

Compucare with its expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of Endurance Technologies by providing Production Monitoring System. The Production Monitoring System consists of Production Sensor, Web Interface Unit, and Smart Electronic Display. The Web Interface Units is centrally located to manage connectivity with the Production Sensors for one or more production lines. The supplied Smart Electronic Displays are of different shapes and sizes. At the assembly line the installed small sized Smart Electronic Display is single sided with bright red LED display, the display boards are clearly visible up to a distance of 8 meters, there is also a medium sized double Smart Electronic Display installed commonly for two assembly lines.

A large double Smart Electronic Display is installed in the middle for cumulative display to data of different assembly lines. All the Smart Electronic Display are designed to suit their factory condition. The installed Smart Electronic Displays installed at the assembly lines visually represent the following data such as Date, Time Target and Actual of Shift A, Shift B, Shift C. The large display shows the parameter such as Scheduled Production Quantity for the month, Cumulative Production Quantity for the month, Present Average Quantity per day, Asking Average Quantity per day, Target and Actual for the day from Assembly Line 1 - 5.

How Production Monitoring System is achieved?

The Web Interface Unit is installed

The Production Sensor is installed at the end of every production line

The Production Sensor communicate with the Web Interface Unit wirelessly

The Smart Electronic Display is installed at the end of every production line

As and when an object comes in close range of the production sensor at the end of Production line, the Production Sensor is triggered and sends signal wirelessly to the Web Interface Unit

The Web Interface Unit receives the signal and communicates with the software server via TCP/IP line

The data is populated in the Production Monitoring Software server from the Web Interface Unit

The Smart Electronic Display software is also installed in the software server

The data from the Production Monitoring Software is fetched and populated in the Smart Electronic Display software

The populated data is then transmitted via TCP/IP to the Smart Electronic Displays placed at every production line

• The data for Smart Electronic Display is refreshed at regular intervals


The installation of the Production Monitoring System has provided the real time dynamic visual indication of production and performance target. This has also increased the motivation of the employees and also has instilled confidence in their ability to achieve the timely company target.