kribhco fertilizers limited

kribhco fertilizers limited

Existing System

Kribhco Fertilizers Limited (formerly Kribhco Shyam Fertilizers Ltd)  is a 100%  India, in high urea consumption belt. The fertilizer complex of 1520 MPTD Ammonia Plant (annual capacity of 5.02 Lakh MT)and 2620 MTPD Urea Plant (annual capacity of 8.64 Lakh MT). The Fertilizer Plant is and based on Natural Gas as feed stock supplied through the Hazira-Vijaypur-Jagdishpur ("HVJ") gas pipeline. The marketing of Urea and other products is undertaken by KRIBHCO.

Our Solution

KFL wanted a robust solution to visually display the production statistics at its manufacturing facility.

Compucare with its expertise was able to rise up to the challenge of KFL by providing 3 No’s of customised LED Message Display Board. The custom size 5’ x3’ enables KFL to populate the production statistics data on a single screen. The LED Message Display Board are single sided with P3.75 SMD RED Colour LED display. The display boards are clearly visible from an optimum distance of 5-10 meters and are designed to suit their factory condition.

How LED Message Board Solution for Production Statistics is achieved  ?

       The production parameter statistics data is stored in the excel database. 

       The LED Software reads the production parameter statistics data from the excel database.

       The fetched production parameter statistics data is displayed on the LED Message Display.

       The content of the LED Message Display Board is refreshed at regular intervals.

       The data on the LED display is refreshed at regular intervals


Thus by providing the custom LED Message Display Board, the visually representation of the production parameter statistics is achieved.