sandvik asia pvt ltd

sandvik asia pvt ltd

Existing System

The little process of asset tracking and management of the facility at Gujarat was done manually, this lead to human errors, data mismatch and the entire process was tedious and cumbersome. Sandvik wanted to modernize their Asset Tracking and Management process.

Our Solution

COMPUCARE with its expertise, analysed the ongoing process at the organization and offered tailor made web based Enterprise Asset Management solution. Asset Management is the most vital components of any business is the ability to manage assets. Asset tracking software can enhance the proficiency and profitability of organizations like Sandvik. Giving them the devices to settle on more productive and exact choices about the management of assets, asset inventory tracking software furnishes organizations with the instruments to run more adequately. This empowers Sandvik to better deal with all territories of operations and increase productivity.


With the implementation of web based Enterprise Asset Management System the process of asset tracking and management from their facility at Gujarat, was digitized, this leads to zero human error, accurate data and the time taken for the entire process is reduced from days to hours. It is easy and effortless to use.