how industry 4.0 can benefit your business


Industry 4.0 is about the inter connectivity of things giving an opportunity to enable the industry to radically respond to the needs of society/market demands. Advancement of industry 4.0 is driven by the smart, interconnected, pervasive environment. The opportunities are vast and the race has begun. The leaders are focusing ahead, driven by performance and binding investments with growth and innovation. The process leads away from isolated silo driven development which limits growth and value of products. Large scale Integration allows manufacturers to think big, plan ahead and is the key to success.

In business, any investment (maybe in technology, manufacturing process or enhanced systems) should deliver returns. This return is ensured  by having a compucare’s production monitoring systems, Andon systems, which monitor, analyze, visualize and improve the product keeping the following benefits of industry 4.0 in view at all levels :


It ensures more production in lesser time while making resources more cost-effective and efficient. This is achieved by ensuring lesser maintenance and shutdowns because of enhanced machine monitoring and proactive replacements or repairs. The Andon system is fitted with a buzzer/horn/ audio alert / LED display which gives an instant alert or even stop the machine at any malfunction. 


Continued integration of customer feedback, research, and implementation lead to a greater scope of improved efficiency of the product. Less scope for a faulty product with a downpour of complaints from the customer, wholesaler, retailer or distributor. Any fault can be traced back to its origin with the press of a button. Andon gives an alert immediately to the concerned person and the repair/change or alteration can be done immediately. The system retains all information in a secure way which is assessable at all times. All reports on target, actual production and time lapses in repairs are generated on hourly monthly or yearly basis. This allows for a total batch control throughout the life cycle of the product. It makes rectification or even recalls of the product possible before the company’s reputation is tarnished. 


Data from one sensor can be transmitted to any other part of the manufacturing unit at multiple production lines with no barriers of time or location in the world. The Andon makes it possible to monitor the functioning of machinery located at different areas from one Centralized head office and changes can be incorporated immediately at all levels. 


The markets are ever changing. Industry4.0 makes it much easier to scale the production up or down depending on the market demand. New products or changes in the product can be incorporated at a lower cost level depending on market surveys. 


Compliance of any change is easier as it can be incorporated immediately without bringing about major changes in the machinery. This is very useful in the medical/pharmaceutical industry where directives like sterilization rules, temperature maintenance, tracking of product etc have to be incorporated in the manufacturing process at short notices and can be specifically monitored for high-level compliance by Andon which would stop production or give an alert at any variation. 


Availability of Automated tracking and tracing with Andon allows for any customer request for change or repair to be attended more efficiently and immediately. There is a scope for incorporating more choice in production as per customer requirements. This leads to better customer satisfaction. 


In spite of the investment incurred, the cost of a product is generally reduced due to better use of resources, less wastage, faster manufacturing, and lesser repairs/shut downs. 


Enhanced knowledge of the manufacturing process, supply and distribution give more opportunities to innovate new and improved products. Andon generated hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly reports on the production or even on how long the machine was stopped and for what reason help the system run smoothly and efficiently with improvement visualization easier at all levels. 


With faster and improved manufacturing fully controlled by market demands, there is definite scope for higher profits. 
Industry4.0 has revolutionized the manufacturing process throughout the world. Andon paves the way for making any manufacturing unit reach the status of industry 4.0 and ensures a potential return on the investment incurred.