production monitoring system: how it helps our industrial customers


What is Production Monitoring System?

For the industrial world a solution has been designed and developed that can record the overall performance of the production in real time. From various sections of the production line, the system collects data and then relays it to managers and employees working on the production line. The data collected by the system while monitoring can be later used to analyze trends and alarm history, which can help in improving the efficiency of the production line.

How Does Production Monitoring System Works?

In the production line, the system is installed directly onto the electrical cabinet. For the purpose of data collection and monitoring the system uses Ethernet and custom production monitoring software.The system is then connected to different processes of the like from where it receives the signals regarding the process like if the production is running smoothly or whether they are encountering any problems.

The data generally included in the production monitoring system are:

  • Targets
  • Cycle Times
  • Production Times
  • Rejection Rates
  • Planned Stops
  • Non-production time

After the employees and the managers study and analyze the data collected by the system appropriate changes are made on the production line in relation to speed, daily production targets, and rates, etc. After the new values are updated into the system it will display that for the employees to know about the new daily targets for the production line.

How Compucare’s Production Monitoring System Is Useful In Industry?

Compucare has been helping companies like Hitachi Home & Life Solutions, Essar Steel and Dream Plast India Pvt. Ltd. to understand and get a visual indication of its production performance in real time. We have been able to provide them with this solution so that they can achieve their target and boost their production with our production monitoring system.

We were able to help Dream Plast India Pvt. Ltd. by installing 12 production monitoring system that consisted of an individual production sensor for every production line. Those individual sensors were then connected with a single Web Interface and 12 smart electronic displays. Each production line had its own display. These displays were lit with bright LED lights that are designed to suit factory conditions and the writings are visible from 10 meters away. Each of the displays had three updatable data sections: Line No. for that particular production, Target of the Day and Actual achieved for the day.

Even with Hitachi Home & Life Solutions and Essar Steel, we installed the LED message board that displayed not only the safety policy of the company for the employees but it is visible from 80 meters distance. This allows everyone in the factory working on the production line to see the performance target and boosts the employees to achieve the target. Especially with Essar Steel, Compucare integrated their SCADA server with the LED message display so that the SCADA server can have real-time data.

The production monitoring system service provided by Compucare has helped the industry to achieve its target while motivating their employees.